Screw Nail Making Machine

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Screw Nail Making Machine

Length of screws: 1-12 cm
Diameter of screws: 1-5 mm
Speed: 170 pcs/min
Motor: 4kw
Product description: screw nail making machine, the cold heading and thread rolling machines

Product Details

screw nail making machine for making screws nails/drywall screw/wood screw nails.

The screw nail making machine line is consists of cold heading machine and thread rolling machine,its function is to make all kinds of screws.

1,Automatic Cold heading machine

This machine is high efficient automatic equipment for production of screws and bolts,the upsetting station is horizontally arranged,The cold-drawn round bars are turned into semi-finished screws and bolts after cutting,primary punching,fine punching etc in a non-stop way.
Cold setting is employed to automatically turn raw round bars into bar-shape products like round-head,semi-round head,hexagon head screws and bolts etc.

cold heading machine

Model LJ-5B LJ-10B LJ-15B
Out diameter(mm) 3 4 5
Max length(mm) 19 32 65
Speed pcs/min 170-190 140-170 110-140
Motor power(kw) 1.1 1.5 2.2
Voltage 380v,415v etc 380v,415v etc 380v,415v etc

2,Automatic thread rolling machine

This machine is suitable for threading on screws and bolts as well as various fasteners.the material feeding mechanism is continuous rolling style or vibrating feeding.feeding mechanism is customizable.

thread rolling machinethread rolling machine


Model LJ-4 LJ-5 LJ-6 LJ-8
Diameter(mm) 2.5-4 3-5 3.5-6 4-8
Max length(mm) 40 55 90 120
Speed pcs/min 200-250 180-200 140 120
Motor power(kw) 2.2 3 5.5 7.5
Mould Size 90*76*25 105*90*25 130*100*25 170*150*30

3,End products of screw nails and bolts:

screw nails

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