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how to sharpen the nail knife

There are two kinds of nail knifes,one kind is with steel head,which needs grinding every 2-3 days and can be used for many times,the other is with alloy head,which can be used for about 15 days and can not be grinded again to use for second time.

The nail making machine cuts the steel wire into different length nails using a nail knife,when the nail knife is blunt ,then it needs to be grinded through the nail knife grinder.

The process to grind the nail knife is :

Step 1,Refer to the shape of well grinded nail knife to grind when the workers are not experienced.

Step 2:Grind the head to a even cover like this.

Step 3:Grind the frontal groove.

Step 4:Grind the side groove.

Step 5:Grind the back of the nail knife.

Now it is done.

After finishing these five steps,the nail knife will be absolutely new and will be very sharp again.


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